About Us



We have been helping family's for over 25 years retrace the footprints of their ancestors and bring their stories back to life. Your journey to discovering your family’s history, their stories and your path to self-discovery begins here! Let us help you make your family history come to life as our genealogists work to solve family mysteries, break down brick walls, resolve riddles, and discover more about who you are and where you come from; You enjoy the journey—we will do the work for you.


When you hire our genealogists to research your family history, you will receive the highest quality service and attention. Your research time is devoted to learning as much about your ancestors as possible by accessing a variety of record collections, newspaper archives, and other resources.

 We research either your maternal or paternal line, your aunts , uncles and cousins. This allows us to obtain a more thorough history of your family for you; after all each person has their own story to tell that intertwines with one another.


 Each of our genealogist began our journeys just like you, wanting to know more about our families and it turned into a passion that has become a profession of helping others retrace their history and tell their stories . 

Just like your family each project that we do is unique, and many things factor into the ability to make discoveries. Some things that do factor into making discoveries are:

The time period being researched.

The area where your ancestors lived.

The availability of records and documents for the time and location.