How It Works


 No one knows your family better than you! Our Research begins with you telling us what you know and what it is that you wish to discover.

 Each project begins with an in-depth conversation with you where you will be able to describe your goals to us, and we will walk you through the process while using our expertise to determine the best way to reach the goals you have set.


 Once we understand your goals, we’ll get to work. We will develop a research plan, and start reviewing any information you’ve already gathered. After that, the hard work begins, as we search for records. Along the way, we’ll create a journal for you that describes where we have searched and what we have found so you’ll have a clear understanding of the process.

   Throughout the project,we will contact you with updates and notify you when goals are met. 


  Research doesn’t always progress in a linear fashion, and occasionally, it may not always occur as originally planned. If this happens, we will contact you to reevaluate your original goals, and together we will make the decision about how to move forward.   At the end of the project,We will schedule a final consultation with you to review the findings and answer any questions that you may have.

 Keep in mind that no two research problems are the same. And solving difficult problems takes a lot of effort and time—even for  professionals. There may not be the results you desire behind that brick wall, but we are the best resources to try.